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Property Management with a Personal Touch .... 

Watt Consultancies 2010 is a Property Management and Real Estate Agency based in Lilongwe, Malawi.  We know Lilongwe, and we continue to work to be an integral part of its growth.  Our portfolio of management properties include an impressive list of landmarks and high profile real estate in and around the city.  Our clientele and attracted tenants are just as impressive.  Watt Consultancies is the chosen management company for many established corporate clients in Malawi.  Our commercial spaces attract high-end, well-established and trusted companies in addition to a number of Lilongwe's premiere restaurants and social clubs.  Watt Consultancies works with national and international players, and has a long history of working with various consulates and large NGOs.


In addition to working with established properties, Watt Consultancies recognizes the importance of supporting growth. For these clients, we use our years of experience to provide expertise and advice in an effort to add value and practicality to their investment. Our diverse and large portfolio is managed in an efficient and thoroughly professional manner by our dedicated team of highly motivated personnel.


Watt Consultancies has a wide range of real estate available for sale and for rent in Lilongwe, Malawi.  Residential properties include apartments, flats, and houses – both furnished and unfurnished. Commercial properties include warehouses, commercial businesses, shops, office space and more.


Residential Rentals

Watt Consultancies has a wide range of residential rental options to suit your needs.

Commercial Rentals

Watt Consultancies has a wide range of commercial rental options including shops, offices, warehouses, plots and more.


For Sale

Watt Consultancies has a portfolio of residential and commercial properties for sale within Lilongwe and across Malawi.